Frank Zappa, Behind the Rock by Baron Wolman

Frank Zappa, Behind the Rock by Baron Wolman
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Rockstore is one of the most highly revered fine art dealers in rock and roll today. It is our pleasure to announce our representation of legendary photographer Baron Wolman. Baron is a staple in the rock and roll photography world. Many of us grew up looking at his great photos over the years, especially in the early days of Rolling Stone Magazine. He was there and lived it all.....

"I have a group of favorite pictures, of which this is definitely one of them. This was with rock journalist Jerry Hopkins. We went up to Frank Zappa's house. At the time, he was living toward the top of Laurel Canyon in an old log cabin house. It was situated on a hillside, and up behind the house were some caves. There was a big tree with a rope on it that the kids could swing on, and then a little bit higher up was this group of rusty, old road-grading equipment. This was all in his so-called backyard, high on the hill there. 

I was somewhat apprehensive about photographing Frank because his reputation as a creative eccentric had preceded him and I didn't know what to expect. First of all, the guy was brilliant and I'm not that smart, so I felt at a disadvantage there. And secondly, I didn't know enough about music to talk to him intelligently about music, so I felt at a huge disadvantage there, also. So I was very, very nervous about this shoot. I didn't know which way it was going to go, and I didn't feel confident enough to give him any direction. As it turned out, we went back up there and started shooting, and I didn't need to give him any direction. He just started running around this stuff, posing all over this equipment.

If you look at photos of Frank on some of his album covers and stuff, this is really Frank. It's more Frank than it is me. I was just a witness. As was often the case, actually. I was just a witness to people being who they were."
 - Baron Wolman 

Frank Zappa "Behind the Rock" 1968

by Baron Wolman

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