Jerry Garcia by Baron Wolman

Jerry Garcia by Baron Wolman
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Rockstore is one of the most highly revered fine art dealers in rock and roll today. It is our pleasure to announce our representation of legendary photographer Baron Wolman. Baron is a staple in the rock and roll photography world. Many of us grew up looking at his great photos over the years, especially in the early days of Rolling Stone Magazine. He was there and lived it all...

Jerry Garcia

by Baron Wolman

Jerry Garcia, July 1968: The Grateful Dead were San Francisco's band, there was no question about it. It was the band that everybody loved locally. As much as they cared about the Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver and the other bands, there was something about the Dead. You could see, over the years, the affection that that band created among their fans and their followers, right? So we were so surprised that it took Jann [Wenner, publisher of Rolling Stone] so long to do a major story about the Dead and put them on the cover.

Jerry Garcia, as you can see, is happy here. He was a happy guy, as he often was; he was more happy than not. And it was so interesting: When I made a print of this photo, I kept trying to figure out how he did that with his finger. And I kept trying to do it with my finger to emulate what he did -- I couldn't make it happen. It wasn't until about two years later that I heard the whole story about how he had lost his finger, that it was not there. And apparently this is the first time that he raised his hand like that and openly showed people. It became the logo for the Jerry Garcia website and his estate..." - Baron Wolman

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