Johnny Cash "Circle Star Theatre" by Baron Wolman

Johnny Cash "Circle Star Theatre" by Baron Wolman
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Rockstore is one of the most highly revered fine art dealers in rock and roll today. It is our pleasure to announce our representation of legendary photographer Baron Wolman. Baron is a staple in the rock and roll photography world. Many of us grew up looking at his great photos over the years, especially in the early days of Rolling Stone Magazine. He was there and lived it all.....

Johnny Cash "Circle Star Theatre"

by Baron Wolman

Johnny Cash, 1967: "I was backstage with him and I was really puzzled by how little joy there was. He was very serious in the entire series of pictures that I took of him. The very fact that he said it was OK to be back there was an honor and a gift, but when I looked at the pictures afterwards ... We all knew, subsequently, all the troubles that were going on in his mind, whether it was drinking, drugs, whatever it happened to be. And when I look at this, I see that all reflected. Now, the thing is, I was worried, because this was before the concert. I looked at him and I wondered how was he going to go out and put on a good show of any kind. But he did -- he went out and he put on a great show."  - Baron Wolman

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