The Beatles, Signed Poster by Astrid Kirchherr

The Beatles, Signed Poster by Astrid Kirchherr
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  • Manufacturer: Astrid Kirchherr
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Rockstore is one of the most highly revered fine art dealers in rock and roll today. We are official representatives of Astrid Kirchherr, and we’re privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her for well over a decade.

The Beatles "Signed Poster"

by Astrid Kirchherr

A beautiful image of The Beatles, hand signed by Astrid Kirchherr. Astrid took this historic photo for Brian Epstein after he had changed the look of the Beatles.

"They (The Beatles) came over to me and said that Brian would like for me to take pictures of them, all respectable in the suits, as "press photos" for them, for autograph cards and stuff like that..." Astrid Kirchherr from Hamburg Days".

These black and white posters are printed on heavy stock and hand signed in black by Astrid. These original posters were used as advertising for an exhibition of Astrid's photographs in our gallery this year.

They are approximately 17" x 24" and are in mint condition. Nobody captured the Beatles better than Astrid and this is the first time that an image of the four Beatles, as we know them, taken by Astrid has ever been offered!