Trixie Merkin, Bass Groupie by Baron Wolman

Trixie Merkin Photo Prints - Limited Edition Fine Art Pictures
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Trixie Merkin "Bass Groupie"

by Baron Wolman

We are very pleased to announce our representation of the great Baron Wolman. Baron is a staple in the rock and roll photography world. Many of us grew up looking at his great photos over the years, especially in the early days of Rolling Stone Magazine. He was there and lived it all.....

The Anonymous Artists of America were a group linked to the Merry Pranksters and based in a commune in the La Honda Mountains, called Rancho Diablo a hideaway off Skyline Boulevard, built by one of the railroad barons. The AAA got together at Stanford (where most of them were students or employees), and their name was as an expression of the belief that every person is an artist. The band debuted publicly in the early hours of July 24, 1966, at a private party at the Fillmore that was a reception for Lee Quarnstom's wedding, held during the Saturday night Quicksilver concert.

The music and presentation were psychedelic in the extreme. The makeup of the group was basically Lars Kampmann, a drama major; Norman Linke, who was in graduate school as an economist studying Chinese; Michael Katz, a PhD candidate in Psychology; Sara Ruppenthal Garcia, (Communications/film undergrad), separated from her husband Jerry and returned from helping put on the L.A. Acid Tests with the Pranksters; Manny Meyer, Trixie Merkin, Len and Toni Frazer, Annie Balaam (an art student), and Adrienne Berkun (a chemist)., along with some other folks who came and went. The group featured an idiosyncratic early Don Buchla electronic music generator, a primitive synthesizer, provided by their "honorary uncle" Richard Alpert (later Ram Dass).  

Later the band moved to Potrero Hill in San Francisco. Michael and Sara Katz left in 1968 , and by 1970  the AAA had moved to Colorado, where they played for several more years.

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